About Us

About us

Beijing Han Wen Wang Xing technology Limited Liability Company is a development company.It regards LabVIEW as the main technologicalmeans.

Its service areas include automobile,communications,aerospace, semi-conductor,electronic design production, process control ,biomedical science, and so on. It covers all phases of product development,which is from R & D, testing, production to service.

Our company provides nonstandard equipment design and processing serv-ices.We can give you software and hardware integration solution.We will try our best to help you focus on the development and scientific re-search.

The company has obtained the official certification by the United States National Instruments.And it has become the alliance partner of NI.Now, we can provide more solutions, technical consultation and resource integration,such as motion control, electronic design, visual, RF and wireless.The provided services should satisfy NI product certification and industry standards.We will have more effective use of NI's global resources, so we can provide the best NI products and LabVIEW software services.

Our company not only sells full range of products of NI as an agent, but also provides you with LabVIEW software services. In the progress of the use of NI products, if the work can not be carried out smoothly because time is pressing or the NI product function is complex, you can call us to solve these problems. We are not only the agent, but also provide you with technical solutions.

The products which are provided agent and technological service include: Ni software, data acquisition, modular instruments, real-time, signal conditioning, switch, distributed I/O, machine vision, motion control, PXI/CompactPCI, instrumentation connection, industrial communication, sound and vibration, VXI/VME agent and technical service of the products.

The company has accumulated rich experience in the field of equipment development and integration. We can provide you with a complete solution. We can provide a wide range of services, include structural design, mechanical processing, organic glass design and processing, circuit design, chassis selection, opening and screen printing, cable and connector selection and processing, etc.

After years of accumulation, company's products have multiple varieties now, which include: Protective time tester, high-speed particle impact testing machine, industrial ventilator (artificial lung), airtight resistance test instrument, picosecond time interval counter, multi channel phase shift signal source. We will get involoved from the project planning stage, and we are together to discuss and provide our suggestions for reference.